Gray Work Force

To grow and be successful,  your business needs committed workers with good attitudes.  These attributes are found in abundance in the so-called Gray Work Force.

In today’s volatile job market and with reports of recession already being here, you may be nervous enough to not want to invest in added full-time workers.  But to grow or even maintain current revenue goals, your business, like many other small businesses, might need added help.

A remarkable resource is available to you right in your own locale. Consider tapping into the graying workforce, which is often looking for part-time work. By employing them as part-time employees, you get the benefits (committed, experienced, good attitude) without having to pay benefits.

Here are some ideas for economically finding part-time workers to minimize recruitment costs.

Advertise your part-time role locally.  It will remove relocation costs, cut down on commute time, and draw candidates familiar with your company and the area.

Highlight flexibility of perhaps location and schedule so the worker can complete what is required yet still maintain his/her desired work/life goals.  FlexJobs is one resource for posting jobs that have built-in flexibility.

Look at full-time jobs that can be scaled back or divvied up. Look at whether multiple discreet tasks can be distributed among multiple roles. The benefit to your business is that dividing the role might enable you to afford a more experienced hire where it counts, while providing new opportunity for a junior person or a chance to increase automation – a one-time investment that pays year-after-year.

Job share with another part-time worker. An experienced worker often has a wide network of colleagues at various levels and specialties, and they might have another person in mind with whom they can share a role. Sometimes ½ + ½ is greater than 1. Or, consider pairing –up an older and a younger worker as a team.

Finally, consider a consultant. While not the same as a part-time worker. They can work part-time and fill your business needs. Look for consultants with a track record and perhaps have set up their own consulting business.

Hiring part-timers may be a solution to your business needs.  Adding a Gray Work individual could help your business soar.


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