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2010 — A Year Of Opportunities

December 30, 2009

While many companies are still pulling in their efforts, a surprising number are expanding.
Our 2010 Small Business Outlook Study is showing surprising strength.
In fact, compared to last year’s survey, budgets are up an average 7% for such items as sales, marketing and IT resources.
What is down are salaries, employee benefits and bonuses.
Hiring plans are level with few companies reporting plans to expand staff.
Sales and marketing groups are being augmented but the big investment seems to be in Internet sales and customer service.
If you want to take the survey,
We are seeing a significant proportion of smaller firms saying they are investing in sales efforts.
Confusion reigns about what healthcare benefit costs as well as planning.
Most respondents don’t think the new healthcare legislation will have a positive effect on them.
For marketers to small businesses, the watchword should be value.
Marketers must demonstrate how will their product or service help clients add to profits.
The survey shows surprising strength for companies offering value-based products and services.
One cloud on the horizon — many firms are cutting back on travel expenditures.
The recent terrorist attack didn’t help with some firms reporting they had put off travel plans until February.
Regardless of what happens in the early months of 2010, smaller firms seem bent on making 2010 a positive year.