The Importance Of Hiring

Hiring the best, most appropriate talents is critical to your organization’s success. Hiring well is an essential ingredient to your business’s long-term growth. Yet, the hiring process is often the most difficult, and the outcome is easily prone to failure.

Here are some ways to hire better.

Assess your company’s needs before hiring. Be very clear on why you are hiring. Specify what needs to be done at what level and for what duration.

Some ways to fill your hiring needs:

  • Train and develop an existing employee; it’s great for morale and retention.
  • Bring on a part-time or contractor to do work; you will save on benefits.
  • Hire a new full-time employee with the skills needed today and tomorrow.
  • Consider part-time help; you can assess workers plus meets your limited business need and/or budget.
  • Workers share one position, provide coverage, have no benefit costs, learn from each other, and you might further diversify your workforce.
  • Use a contract worker if the need is limited to a project or the business is fast evolving; plus, it is a great way to test out a potential employee and not pay benefits.
  • Leverage seasonal worker(s) to meet surges in demand.
  • Capitalize on your relationships with vendors, and have them provide additional services for a fee.
  • Buy automation to supplement your workforce; purchase makes sense if there is an ongoing need and a return on investment.
  • Lease an automated service if your need is transitory or expensive or if the technology is changing fast.

Okay, you have decided what type of worker to hire; now, you need a process/methodology to optimize the outcome.  Here is how:

  • Make a marketing plan to attract good candidates.
  • Advertise where the type of candidates you are seeking hang out.
  • Look very carefully at the candidates who apply and go after dream candidates.
  • Create measures of accountability for the position(s) being filled; also establish goals with time frames.
  • Train those doing the interviews on what to look for, what questions to ask, and, equally importantly, what questions are illegal.

  • Have a uniform process to assess candidates and evaluate them against each other.
  • Make sure the hire ‘fits,’ he or she embraces the organization’s purpose and buys into its core values. Plus, consider if the person under consideration is ethical and will represent your business well.
  • Do a background screen and drug test; the cost is nominal when considering what you can uncover and avoid*.

Make a reasonable offer that will be accepted; then, onboard your new hire carefully and match your process with the expectation established during the interview process. As a result, you will have a good hire to help your business’s growth and profitability.

*A poor hire is considerably more expensive than a good hire. A poor hire can ruin your company’s reputation and brand, steal from the organization, disrupt your culture, and much more. So hire very carefully.


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