The Power of Words

Words matter.  Your customers also think words matter.

So be cognizant of how your staff speaks internally as well as externally, the words and pictures on your website, the phases found in your promotional material, and even what’s printed on product wrappings.

Since words color all our perceptions, it is important to listen and hear closely what words are used when anything referring to your company is brought up.  Your current and future success depend on the repetition of favorable words and the silencing or careful handling of negative phrases.

You as a business owner and/or leader set the tone.  Consider how you refer to your business.  Is it positioned as a place you would want to be and/or do business with?  Are you clear and positive about your priorities?

Next, listen and look at how your employees refer to your business.  What words are used in their conversations and posted online in reference to your business?  Often their actions back up their words; do you have tenure employees or a revolving door?

Then consider partners, stakeholders and investors, you want to hear positive words from all; preferably similar words to how you refer to your business.  If significantly different words are used, find out why.  Then take steps to address where you are and where you want your business to be.

Finally, consider your customers, present and former.  What do they say about your business?  Customer opinions are significant, and you want favorable thoughts and endorsements both word-of-mouth and online.

What words or phrases should you consider using to have a favorable for your business?  An accurate description of your business is most important.  You might strive to be described as:

     Having quality offerings (product and/or services)

     Providing superior customer service

     Nurturing happy, long-time employees

     Achieving business longevity

     Fostering a good customer experience throughout their journey

     Fun, conservative, irreverent, ethical, etc.

Now is the time to think about words used to describe your business.  Are they favorable?  What can you do to make a positive impression that results in the best word selection when referring to your business?

If negative words are used, find out why.  Respond as favorably as possible, perhaps with planned corrective action.

Words matter.  Start listening, looking, and acting today.start now sign

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