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Changing SEO Demands Requires SMB Vigilance, Action

August 11, 2019

Key to a successful SEO plan is following the rules and being smart while undertaking various techniques. The rules and ranking factors have regularly changed over time, and many techniques which worked just a few years ago are now obsolete.

In today’s SEO world, outline below are some things you should Do and Not Do.

Things you should Do:

  • Website Content -frequently updated website content offers search engines fresh content and sources of new information for their search requests.  All of the content on your website should be unique and provide high-quality information that your audience is looking for.  Major search engines will devalue a page if the content is not relevant, or if it is not unique and appears on other websites first.
    This ensures that unique content creators gain the credit they deserve.
    One way of providing regular unique content is by using a blog.  Focus on creating posts around a keyword topic that is relevant to your industry.  These posts can help you increase your organic traffic plus provide search engines with high-quality content to offer to searchers.
  • Great User Experience (UX)- is all about providing the best possible experience to the customer.  As the use of machine learning increases, user signals will factor more prominently into search engine rankings.
    A positive UX (quality & relevant content, innovative design with a clear, structured navigation, etc.) provides an indirect, but consistent, benefit on where a website will ultimately rank.
    A negative UX (hard to find or irrelevant information, broken links, etc.) can prevent a business from reaching their potential in the organic search results and can also stifle your conversion rate.
    If users come to your website and browse through multiple pages, spend time engaging with your content and return to your website, all of these metrics will be taken into consideration within search an engine’s ranking algorithm.
  • Local Search – focus on local search, especially if you are a business that provides a local service.  If you adopt a more locally-focused SEO strategy, you are much more likely to appear higher in mobile search results when users are searching in your service area.
    By undertaking various optimization techniques, such as building citations, verifying your Google My Business page and optimizing your website for geo-focused keywords, you can ensure that your Local SEO will be at the top of its game.

Things you should Not Do:

  • Black Hat SEO – can lead to ranking penalties.  Search engines have cracked down on the strategies used to “cheat” algorithms and removed spammers out of the search results.  Instead they have focused on quality content, UX and relevance to provide searchers with better results.
  • Spammy Tricks – if you are caught using it, this means you could hurt your rankings.  For example, you should never ‘stuff’ keywords into any piece of content on your website; instead your keywords need to fit naturally into headings and copy on your site.  Also, do not use doorway pages (creating low-quality websites solely for a link through to your own site), invisible text (using the same color font as the background color), or duplicate content (copying content from another source or having pages on your website which use the exact same content).
  • Shady Link Building – that directs traffic to your website or external links leaving your website to manipulate its ranking in search results.  These types of links include: comment spam in blogs, article directory links, hidden links (similar to invisible text, using the same color font as the background), buying expiring domains, and link farms.

In summary

Some people argue for shortcuts in SEO practices.  The best course is to remain ethical toward SEO algorithms.  Smart SMBs stay up to speed with the latest developments in ranking algorithms as the best way to ensure avoiding any SEO penalties.  This approach has the best chance to gain high ranking for your top keywords.  In turn, this will grow your business.