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Leveraging Podcasting Into Your SMB Marketing

June 9, 2019

SMB’s marketing efforts always need an additional edge.  The rapidly growing world of Podcasting is an effective media to add leads, grow sales, expand market foot print and drive profits.

One reason is that within the next 24 months, Podcasting will surpass over-the-air radio as a provider of information to Americans.  While this ascendency is occurring, Podcasting offers the SMB an opportunity to augment their marketing efforts at surprising little cost and effort.

Offering bargains in ad and production costs, Podcasting will enable smart SMBs to expand their branding efforts and generate significant word-of-mouth.

However, there is another kind of cost to these efforts.  It requires SMB leaders to have a leap of faith and expose themselves to learning and being part of a whole new world.  The reward for this effort can be significant.

Why?  Podcasting is proving to be the best channel for creating and expanding a brand in today’s multi-media, myriad message environment.  Given how many competitive messages hit everyone, every moment, Podcasting is a bright beacon when it comes to attracting, educating, selling, and retaining customers at very reasonable costs.

Not Easy But Rewarding

Earlier in this decade, businesses learned the importance of branding.  Today as they fight to establish their brands, management and owners are learning Podcasting is within the financial reach and abilities of any business.
Creating a Podcast and expanding your brand are not easy tasks but one can help the other and it is a smart business leader who takes on the challenge.  Both require never ceasing attention and creativity but together add up to significant added profits.

The key to why Podcasting can be an effective tool lies in the fact Podcast content offers you amazing ways to draw audiences and motivate buying.

To maximize the effectiveness of your content:

  • Give the speakers enough time to clearly articulate the value proposition of the product/service.
  • Talk about specific uses with guests asking their real world experiences.
  • Offer a reward for audience responses on how they used the product.
  • Promote special sales found only through the Podcast.
  • Ask audience members to be guests on future shows discussing their experiences.
  • Promote to audiences guests appearing on future shows.

Making the decision to explore and ultimately use Podcasts is not simple.  There are many so-called experts in the field.  But the secret is to develop a program reflecting your company values and ethos.

Podcasts Dos and Don’ts 

Veteran podcasters often argue over this list, but generally agree on the following:

  • Have a host with a warm welcoming voice.
  • Where possible have the company leader be a part of the program.
  • Identify guests frequently along with a contact information (URL, physical location, telephone number, etc.).
  • Allow the guest to talk, the more he/she talks the better the program.
  • Promote the programs and have an easily downloadable embedded program on your website.

The first task for you as an SMB leader is to research Podcasting and see how it can benefit your company.  The chances are it will.  Then the next step is up to you.