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Additional Resources: They Foster Success, Especially at Critical Junctures

September 4, 2016

There is an old saying: Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan.

But the interesting corollary to that adage is the reluctance of many small business leaders to seek help at critical junctures.

While small business may be the backbone of our country, owners and managers do not utilize or are too often late in availing themselves of the expertise of others.

Most small business leaders are really good at one or two things: they may be a financial wizard, a sales person nonpareil, a marketing genius, an operational expert, a human resource guru, a strategic innovator, etc.

But it is rare that one person is good in all functions.  To build and grow a successful business, the leader needs to ask for help.

The first step is recognizing assistance is needed.  For many individuals driving a small business, this is the hardest step.  For many small business leaders this is the highest hurdle.

Once past, the next step is determining the areas that require the application of solutions.

Seeking help, asking is not always easy but it is essential for the growth of your small business.

Many small businesses find initial success and hum along okay.  But no company survives whole and unchanged over time.  It is important to be flexible, agile to adopt your business and capture new opportunities as well as respond to competitive changes.  Again, seeking help as needed can be the solution.

There are many resources you can tap, such as:

  • Hiring staff with differing skills
  • Engaging consultants for advice
  • Out sourcing tasks or projects of not critical importance to your business
  • Utilizing a board of advisors
  • Checking other resources for insights

When hiring people, permanent or contingent, it is important to hire smart people, be clear about your expectations, the tasks/projects along with how they will be measured, and then listen their advice, adapt to your company as you follow their guidance.

An advisory board of trusted individuals with diverse backgrounds are also key to continued growth.

Then there are other resources available off- and on-line and in books, webinars, white papers, etc.  One resource we have put together for readers is our new book: Recalculating, 97+ experts on driving small business growth; it is available in e-format, hard copy and soft cover online and in your favorite bookstores.

Whatever the sources you choose to help you grow, remember to look, listen, and then act with prudence and decisiveness.  Success will follow.