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Marketing in 2014: Its All About Helping People

January 7, 2014

The consultative sell as a marketing strategy is back in vogue for 2014.
By definition, a consultative sell is an approach where the customer is the recipient of a much more collaborative interaction.
Because the long recession period has left many companies in need of help, smart marketers are turning to the help mode as an effective sales strategy.
Your marketing should be all about helping your potential and existing customers; in turn you will increase your company’s sales and loyalty.
In short:
• Help them solve a problem.
• Help them obtain a goal.
To make your consultative approach more effective, here are some marketing tactics to consider utilizing in 2014:
• Use real-time marketing based on the consumer’s schedule (buying cycle, time of day/night, etc.), instead of pre-set marketing campaigns.
• Send personalized emails based on behaviors, preferences, etc.
• Customers are reached across a multitude of platforms and screens; create and deliver integrated customer experience regardless of how you connect.
• Track website visitors to customers to learn what is working as well as what isn’t working.
• Invest in content to answer customer questions. Search engines can recognized full question searches; to take advantage provide the answers.
• Encourage other departments, like Sales, throughout your company to create content and become involved in creating and delivering a consistent experience to existing and potential customers.
• Be more social through getting “+1s” on Google and “likes” on Facebook. Social recommendations and signals will boost your SEO.
• Upgrade your “social listening” beyond keywords and trigger events, put together a prospect list and then engage in one-on-one marketing.
• Consider leveraging your audiences to become involved with product creation and planning. Think of the Doritos ads created by customers for the Super Bowl.
• Finally, regularly ask why? By doing so, you will learn and improve how well you are marketing to your customers.