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Marketers Are Pricing Their Products at Levels Small Business Purchasers Can Afford

July 1, 2012

Marketers are finally coming around to the idea that a small monthly charge is the smart way to motivate small businesses to sample and buy their products and services.

In recent months, a number of new products and services were launched into the small business sector with a monthly payment schedule under $30.

Some have even broken the $10 barrier.

Equally as important, they are offering money-back guarantees or free trials.

For the daily price of a cup of coffee, small enterprises can now enjoy the benefits of powerful tools to increase sales and improve in-house operations.

For instance, there is a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool,, aimed at local businesses for just pennies-a-day.

Another example is a complete resume management, vetting and onboarding tool, Ovation Technologies, aimed at this market.

Both of these products and others coming to market are priced at low monthly rates with no long contractual commitments.

They all recognize small business leaders focus on cash management as a key component of company survival and growth.  This is particularly true in these recessionary times.

Small business leaders also “do the math” by looking at the total cost of any new purchase. Smart small business leaders look out one year or more to identify all of the costs involved in adding new services.

They also ask the question: Is this new application cheaper to buy and operate than if they do it themselves?

In the case of SEO efforts, this process is a never-ending battle to keep the company’s website and offerings on the first page.

On another front, many small business executives say they are not hiring in droves but rather looking for specific skills.  When they do advertise, there are on average 100 applicants for each position but finding the right combination of skills is not happening.

With the rise of, among other candidate sourcing websites as well as increased regulatory requirements, small businesses are also beginning to see the need for tools to automate the process.  At the same time, they are wary of the high costs other tool providers are demanding.

There is a hierarchy to small business purchasing decision making. Smart marketers are beginning to address this process in creative ways.

These approaches benefit the small business customer as well as the tool providers.