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Online Job Search Help for Businesses and Applicants

April 23, 2012

An eye opening statistic for job seekers and small business recruiters just surfaced: on average, the number of applicants for posted job openings has almost quadrupled in the past two years.

For applicants, this is a daunting statistic.

For small business recruiters, it means double or triple the work to find qualified talent in a mountain of paperwork or online applications.

Larger corporations have long since utilized online systems to manage the process. 

One way they do it is to look for key words in an application and bring those to the surface.

It helps in the sorting process but often leaves many applicants outside the view of hiring personnel.

Smaller firms still, for the most part, rely on hit-or-miss approaches to spotting needed talent.

Surveys by Information Strategies, Inc., the company I chair, and others have shown that referrals are the most relied upon form of recruitment.

But this limits the footprint and doesn’t always provide the type of specific talent needed.

These same surveys show that smaller firms are beefing up their talent and drawing from a larger audience as the recession continues.

Another trend generally conceded by HR professionals and others is that resumes are being inflated and even the number of untruths contained in them is rising.

To meet these challenges and also conform to EEO and other regulations, a long-time business acquaintance has developed a new cloud offering aimed at small and medium-size companies.

Pete VanSon over at Ovation Technologies has a new offering that we think has some merit, particularly for smaller enterprises.

Designed to mimic and improve upon the larger corporate offerings, his product is simple to use, relatively inexpensive to purchase and provides all of the functionality big company offerings have.

He also offers the ability to vet candidates and provides a very intelligent onboarding tool.

At my suggestion, VanSon is offering a free trial at if you put in the code ISIAPR2012.For those seeking a new position, we also tested an offering for Preptel that enables candidates to match the words in the online job advertisement with those in his or her resume.  Check it out at

Technology has really widened the ability for individuals to search for a new position but it also adds to the burden of the recruiting manager.

Hopefully, the two offerings above will help improve the process for both sides of the equation.