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Luck Favors The Alert Mind

November 16, 2009

An accidental discovery has given the world an enviromentally safe, intense new blue pigment.
“Basically, this was an accidental discovery,” said Mas Subramanian, the Milton Harris Professor of Materials Science in the OSU Department of Chemistry. “We were exploring manganese oxides for some interesting electronic properties they have, something that can be both ferroelectric and ferromagnetic at the same time. Our work had nothing to do with looking for a pigment.
“Then one day a graduate student who is working in the project was taking samples out of a very hot furnace while I was walking by, and it was blue, a very beautiful blue,” he said. “I realized immediately that something amazing had happened.”
What had happened, the researchers said, was that at about 1,200 degrees centigrade – almost 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit – this otherwise innocuous manganese oxide turned into a vivid blue compound that could be used to make a pigment able to resist heat and acid, be environmentally benign and cheap to produce from a readily available mineral.
The newest – and possibly the best – blue pigment in world history was born, due to manganese ions being structured in an unusual “trigonal bipyramidal coordination” in the presence of extreme heat.
Luck and seeing a new opportunity is an important factor to keep in mind when managing your business.

Holidays offer many ways of touching current, potential clients.

November 13, 2009

Our recent survey found a surprising number of respondents who said they were reducing their end-of-year marketing efforts which is just the opposite of what should be done during this particular holiday period.
Because of the doom and gloom of these recessionary times, it is more important than ever this holiday season to reach out to current and potential customers.
This strategy is particularly relevant when marketing to smaller firms.
In tough times, smaller companies often feel more isolated and a warm holiday greeting will be especially welcomed this year.
Not surprising, many respondents indicated they had reduced the number of holiday cards and gifts to buyers as well as parties and other festivities.
What worries me is that many companies reported they were eliminating calendar handouts.
In the research for our book, we found that wall calendars are still one of the most effective marketing tool and should be cut only after deep consideration.
Where else can you get your message in front of a potential buyer every workday.

The Healthcare Reform Bill, A Reciepe For Disaster?

November 9, 2009

By requiring firms to purchase health insurance for employees, Congress has thrown another mandated expense at small business. The requirement takes away a vital option open to many small businesses, the ability to avoid costly healthcare benefits. A consequence of this action will be the reduction in new hires by small businesses. This sector represented 73% of all new job creation in this decade, according to a national business association.
When studied in detail, the bill as passed by Congress could add as much as 10% to overall costs to small businesses.
It is always interesting to note that in the healthcare bill, Congress has once again exempted itself from its rules and taxes.

Time versus money

November 7, 2009

We have seen some instances lately where small business marketers have failed to identify the benefits of their product.
More specifically, how their offering will save money while reducing the time needed for completing the task.
Most small business managers make buying decisions based on whether they can do a task quicker and at less cost than by adding a new product or service.
Demonstrating the time versus money value proposition is the key to getting a small business managers to buy.
So make sure you demonstrate the value or Return-on-Invetment (ROI) clearly and concisely.